Phase 1: Take my stuff!

This is the first phase of my minimalism project.

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Minimizing my posessions

I've collected a lot of stuff accidentally, and now I'm trying to get rid of some of it to travel a bit lighter. Mostly it's books. It is difficult to just throw them away, and I'd prefer to get them to someone who can use thme instead of throwing them to the void, so I've put together this catalog.


A friend and I went through and took a picture of the approximately 300 books that have ended up in my possession. Some of them I don't even recognize. I used Amazon Rekognition to extract text from the images and it kinda worked.

Take a look at the books page to see the extracted text. The links will take you to a page with the pictures they were extracted from and also google's guess as to which books is in the image via their Books API

Todo items

  • an index of the images, so you can scan through them in case the text extraction didn't work right.
  • amazon book links in addition to google links
  • slider to adjust the threshold for querying

Other Stuff

We took pictures of other stuff, too. Rekogition will do image analysis as well as text extraction. I'll add an index of those, later. Of course, Rekognition doesn't know if you want information about what is in the image (e.g. "a book") or about what's on the cover of a book. So, you can use this to search for books by cover art instead of cover text.

I'll post that index later.